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digg reader

Do we Really Need Another RSS Reader? Digg Think so!

When Google closes the doors on it's popular Google Reader, Digg are planning to launch their brand new Reader. The Digg version will have all that we know and love in the Google Reader plus more in the way of social intergration . Here is what Digg … [Read More...]

facebook page setup

Facebook Page Cover Rule Change – Great for Business!

Recently Facebook have had a change of heart as far as their rules go in relation to the Timeline cover image. The rules of old allowed very little in the way of self promotion or advertising on the cover image itself. Users of their pages were … [Read More...]

WordPress Tips


You’re Losing Traffic – Most of Your Blog is Out of Date!

It's true, most of your blog content  is out of date within a few months. You may not agree if you have  a lot of evergreen content but it is true, well sort of. Let's take a moment to look at … [Read More...]

customized scaleable icons

Social Media Icons That are Scalable – Studiopress Do it Again

Adding social media icons to the revamped IM Know How site was next on the to do list. That job was made a whole lot easier with an updated release of the 'Simple Social Icon' plugin from the guys at … [Read More...]

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Talkwlaker Alerts

TalkWalker Alerts a Good Google Alerts Alternative

Following the demise of the Google Reader July 2013 it's a fair assumption that not all of Google's free services are here to stay.  With this in mind we've been looking at a good alternative to … [Read More...]

Good ToDo online list manager

Good ToDo a Simple but Powerful Free To Do List Tool

Having tried so many different online 'To Do List' tools I think I've finally found one that I like and will use. Good ToDo is that tool.  I came across it recently and have been giving it a test … [Read More...]

Our Know How Free Training

Facebook Training

Facebook Pages Training

Having a Facebook page for a business or other organization is becoming more important.  A huge amount of the population is now using this very popular social media venue and businesses can tap into the massive traffic potential that there is for free. To help you establish your own Facebook page we have put together a Facebook [...]

Twitter training

Learn Twitter for Quick Traffic

Twitter is a marvelous way of getting quick traffic to your website or other assets. It’s quite a simple system and we have a training program for you that’s free to access. It’s very easy to build a following on the Twitter micro blogging network that you can Tweet messages to and therefore drive traffic at will. [...]

wordpress training

Learn How to Master WordPress

WordPress really isn’t that difficult to get to grips with. In fact we have a big chunk of our site dedicated to the essential functions of  it, and exactly how to use them, to get you or your company a great looking website* set up QUICKLY. WordPress is VERY flexible and you don’t need to [...]